Mission Statement

The Supreme Council Order of the Knights of Pythagoras is a Youth Organization, dedicated to “The Fatherhood of God, and the Universal Brotherhood of Man.
Our organization takes young boys between the ages of nine and twenty and help to develop them into young men.
We promote family values, provide educational scholarships, and play a significant role in the uplifting of humanity.

  • The Supreme Council
  • Order of the Knights of Pythagoras
  • Conference of Grand Masters, Prince Hall Affiliation

What Is A Sir Knight ?

  • The Master Mason or Sir Knight, often becomes a second father to the young men and boys who look up to him for guidance and support.
  • The Sir Knight is always there to help his young Knights with problems that they want to discuss. He becomes a source of information and wisdom, but more importantly someone who cares.
  • To young Knights, the world can be confusing, even frightening. Problems often seem overwhelming and impossible. The terrible statistics we hear about today’s teenagers truly reflect their need for guidance. 
  • When unemployment, alcoholism, drug abuse and suicide run rampant among the youth, the CONCERNED MASON who is willing to devote some of his time is truly a welcome ray of hope.
  • Although Sir Knights provide their young Knights with support, independent thinking is stressed above all. 
  • The Sir Knights may act like a father in many ways, but he gives room for growth and emphasizes that the young Knights must learn to make decisions on his own.
  • The Sir Knights assist in building moral character, and contributing to the lofty principles to the life of your communities.
  • The Sir Knights are always striving together to prepare our Youth Knights to be  leaders for tomorrow.
  • The purpose being to teach the principles of good citizenship and be trained in the values of charity and benevolence, the virtues of a wholesome and good life.
No man stands so straight, as when he stoops to help a boy!